Our past and ongoing projects include:

1) Schools: In the past 10 years, we’ve built/rebuilt 8 schools. We are planning to build a primary school in Solima village in the Kanchenjunga region. Then our next BIG project is to establish an early childhood development center in these schools very soon. We are also going to sponsor one teacher (salary and training) for the Simha Devi school in Singla.

Progress 11

Newly constructed school in Singla

Below is a list of schools we have built or *helped rebuild:

  • Pathibhara Primary school in Kavre district
  • *Financial help for the Bindabasini High School in Kavre district
  • Gaubari Primary school in Taplejung District
  • Jalpa Secondary school in Khotang District
  • Yasang Primary school in Taplejung District
  • Margyam Primary school in Taplejung District
  • Shree Simha Devi Lower Secondary School in Gorkha District
  • Shree Pashupati Higher Secondary School in Parbat District



Newly installed solar panel at the Yasang school.
New solar panels at the Yasang school
Solar at the Margem school
Margem school

2) Support the education of underprivileged children: We are currently sponsoring the education of Elvisha Thapa, Maya Gurung and Ash Maya Gurung. We will continue to support and sponsor their education through high school and maybe further.

Maya Gurung

Click here to read Maya’s story written by CNN journalist, Moni Basu.

Ash Maya Gurung
Ash Maya
Elvisha Thapa at 12 years class 6

Elshiva’s  father was desperate to get his daughter an education and heard about a boarding school in Kathmandu that might be able to take her in at a reduced cost.  After scraping together some funds by selling a small parcel of family land he took the almost 20 hour bus ride with Elshiva to the capital.  After six months, the money from the land ran out for Elshiva’s schooling and room and board, and there was no more land to sell. 3 Summits came to her aid and has been able to help Elshiva continue her education in Kathmandu, where she is now receiving top marks. Her family is immeasurably proud of her and feel that not only will her future now be secure, but now theirs will too.

– Diana Fernandez (former aid worker in Kathmandu who introduced Elshiva to 3 Summits)

3) Financially support orphanages in Kathmandu. We have provide support to the Kumari Project, Mitrata Home, Hopeful Home and the Sarva Asraya Home.

New home owner
New home being built for a widow in Gorkha

4) Rebuild homes destroyed by the earthquake: We have coordinated the rebuilding of at least 50 homes so far. We’re building more.

5) Helped distribute relief materials to far flung villages after the devastating 2015 earthquake. Download excel file for a list of items distributed to different villages.

Feel free to write for detailed information on the above.

Where the Money Goes