Climb with a Purpose

3 Summits for Nepal was established in 2006 by MBA students at the University of Washington with the goal to better the lives of underprivileged children of Nepal. We started out initially as a climbing charity helping climbers summit peaks in the cascades (of the Pacific Northwest) but are now working through direct donations. We work with Global Pearls, a 501 (c) 3 registered in the US, and implement our projects in Nepal through तीन चुली – नेपाल (English translation: 3 summits – Nepal), a registered Non-Government Organization in Nepal. 3 Summit’s registration number at the Social Welfare Council in Nepal is 42383.

The idea for these fundraising climbs started in 2006 and in the past 14 years we’ve raised around $400,000 for several causes in Nepal.

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3 Summits got a lot more real for me after my first trip to the Kanchenjunga area of Nepal. I could see the schools we were building first hand, and see how they were literally transforming lives in the region. I spent time talking to the actual people affected, learning about their lives, challenges, and the ways they are working to improve their communities. It was a transformational trip that really inspired me to do more for 3 Summits. In 2016, I went out a second time, and was thrilled to see how much difference the work of the group has made. Coming home after 2 weeks in the area, it was clear to me that there is a great deal more we can do, and that applied correctly, continued efforts to support these communities could make an even bigger difference.

– Christopher Natsuume is also a UW MBA and is 3 Summit’s biggest financial supporter.

COVID UPDATE COVID-19 continues to have an immense impact on all of our lives.  It has most negatively impacted daily wage workers – and this includes trekking guides and crew in Nepal.  With the cancellation of this year’s trekking season, many of the guides and crew were struggling to feed their families and to pay rent.  It is unlikely tourism will resume in Nepal in any form before 2021.

In the first phase of the project, we provided food to meet the basic needs of those who were struggling to feed families.  3 Summits Nepal distributed food rations to 21 trekking staff at Crystal Mountain Treks, to last them three months.  We also distributed one month’s ration to 100 free-lance trekking guides and staff.  Each package will include rice 30 kg, masoor dal 2 kg, dhara mustard oil 2 liters, and chickpeas 2 kg.  Each package with one month’s ration will cost around US $25.

We also be extended interest-free loan to 11 Crystal Mountain Treks trekking staff to help them get through these difficult times. This is not a  hand out as they will be required to reimburse the funds either by working on the school construction or from future treks.

The second phase began in November. Our construction projects provide employment and income for out-of-work trekking staff, while advancing education opportunities for Nepali youth.  3 Summits is building two hostels (construction of one hostel has been completed) for girl students.  Hostels include a kitchen, dining room, toilets and dorms  – all of which allow girls from far-flung villages to live at the school and continue their education. Without a hostel, most would have to quit school. 3 Summits will also build a small school after completing the hostels.

Donations can be made on the Global Pearls site: which immediately provides a receipt for tax purposes.

Reconstruction in Junbesi